In August 2018, the EPA will be updating the underlying data set and other calculation methodology that determine building ENERGY STAR Scores. These changes will most likely cause dramatic drops in the ENERGY STAR Scores of most buildings. Take action now to certify your eligible 2018 ENERGY STAR Labels and prepare for the upcoming changes.

The ENERGY STAR Score is calculated by comparing a building’s energy use to a group of similar buildings based on factors such as occupancy type, building size, operating schedule and climate zone.  The building’s resulting score represents how the building’s energy use compares to the data set. If the building uses less energy than the median of the comparison set, the building will score better than 50, if it uses more than the median it will score below 50. Buildings that receive a score of 75 or higher, reflecting the top 25th percentile of performers, are eligible for the Energy Star Label.

For the last decade, the ENERGY STAR Score has used a data set of buildings from 2003. Since 2003 the average building has become more energy efficient, but the data set has not been updated.  That is all about to change.

In August 2018 EPA will replace the 2003 data with data from 2012 and simultaneously update other aspects of the scoring methodology.  Since buildings will now be compared to the more efficient set of 2012 buildings their resulting ENERGY STAR Scores will likely be lower.  On average, the EPA estimates that “office” buildings will see a 12-point decrease, while other space types will see similar changes.

Be Prepared: New Energy Star Scores go into Effect August 27th, 2018
On this date, all scores (both forward-looking and historical) will change and there will be no way to view prior scores

Apply now for your 2018 ENERGY STAR Label (DEADLINE HAS PASSED)   
The EPA is allowing all eligible buildings to apply for ENERGY STAR labels between April 1, 2018 and July 26, 2018 even if it is less than 12 months from the prior label date. This is a one-time courtesy that is being granted given the significance of the changes.

Given that these changes may lead to your buildings’ scores dropping below 75 in August, we highly recommend taking advantage of this allowance and apply for ENERGY STAR Labels for all eligible buildings before July 26th.

Call or email us to ensure that you get the ENERGY STAR recognition you deserve before scores change in August.

For more info on the upcoming changes, see the EPA website HERE.